Children's books have changed,
haven't you noticed?

Modern book in conjunction with the tablet turns into a virtual teacher! In the game the child can hear right speech, performs logical assignment. By purchasing an electronic version of the book, you don't overpay for its production and delivery.
By activating the book with an account, you can easily print it on the printer as many times as you need. A book with augmented reality is the best gift for your child!

Better to see once than to hear hundred times!
Guidelines for parents on the use of the book
If your child is 3–4 years old
If your child is 3–4 years old, the painting as well as possible contributes to its mental development. Even if the kid just scribbles on a sheet a set of conditional ties form in his brain, carried out by a powerful work on the analysis, commensurability and comparison. Drawing helps the child to express his view of the world.

  • To show that it is possible to draw activate the virtual teacher on p. 7. Let the kid take a look how Danik draws simple objects on the canvas.

  • For the development of attention and memory activate the virtual teacher on p. 5 and 11, which shows
    the scheme for drawing simple objects. Ask your child to draw the items on the pages of the book, using special schematic line. Do not rush to correct him, saying: "You have drawn wrong!". It is better to say: "Let's see what happens!". Turn on the scanning mode to display the child's picture and show where
    he was wrong.

  • Do not rush immediately to draw and paint circus characters. Just move your tablet on the black and white drawings, for the child to see a "cartoon" and how alive these characters are. Then ask him to paint.

  • Four-year age is a graceful period for the development of more sophisticated techniques of drawing. Please respect the results of child labor. Be sure to praise a children's pattern, but go beyond phrases like "well done" or "great". Praises should be descriptive, like "How many bright lines you drew! But this circle
    is exactly in the center of the sheet!".
If your child is 5 years old
Drawing at the age of five – is an important part in your child's life. It enriches its comprehensive development. Attention, memory, thinking, creativity, commitment everything is subject to pencil and paper! Start with simple tasks, gradually moving on to more complex. The technology of augmented reality in the heart of the book provides an excellent opportunity to see in detail the three-dimensional image of a part
of the figure. Step by step to master the technique of drawing and figure out how to portray a certain subject. The most important thing that parents can do is to give the child an opportunity to create by himself, putting the tools on his hands and preparing the space.

  • Following the book, attract the attention of the child to draw simple schemes, gradually moving on to more complex.

  • Propose your child to see how the hand of Danik draws various objects, and then ask him to try to draw them by schematic lines.

  • Having mastered drawing diagrams of different characters, animals, birds and inanimate objects, your child would easily draw them on a clean sheet of paper.

  • While coloring circus characters and moving the tablet on drawings, the child will see how they come
    to life in 3D-format on the tablet screen.
If your child is 6 years old
Many people think that painting – is a "science" art, which is not subject to everyone. In fact, craving for art awakes in humans in early childhood, but weaks over the years without certain development capabilities.
So is it possible to teach a child to draw, especially if his parents do not know how? When to start the learning process and how exactly? What are in the general drawing benefits for a child's development? To rate all
the positive sides of the drawing in childhood is almost impossible – its impact on kids is enormous, since
it contributes to the development of all-round personality. In general terms, drawing generates a sense
of beauty and the desire to create something beautiful; It develops the mind and imagination of the baby
and helps develop new "tools" knowledge of the world.

  • Up to 6 years old in preschool, is actively engaged in painting, already knows how to create using pencils. But do not worry if at this age, your child does not show much interest in this lesson – try to inspire him with the book with augmented reality.

  • On the pages of the book your child can draw and animate characters drawn by tablet. Virtual teacher Danik would help him and control every step and teach the child of art techniques, moving from simple
    to more complex.

  • Animated lessons will help your child to learn the basics of drawing.
If your child is 7 years old
At the age of 7, drawing lessons as well as possible contribute to the development of children's imagination, creative thinking, fine motor skills, ability to cope with different objects. In addition, drawing promotes psychological discharge of the child expresses emotions which impressed him, with the help of the drawing. At this age, the child develops the ability to perceive colors and shades, to compare and correctly assess
the location of the items to create a composition on album pages.

How to captivate a child by drawing? The answer is simple: use the book with augmented reality technology with which your child is not only easy to master the simple techniques of drawing, but also would be able
to animate his drawings in 3D-format on the tablet.

  • Under the guidance of a virtual teacher Danik your child would quickly learn simple paint scheme and move to more complex.

  • A complex drawing contributes to the overall development, memory training, memorization of small parts, allows a child to operate with such concepts as "scale" and "perspective", and most importantly –
    the ability to analyze forms.

  • The development of child's interest in painting during the learning process will be contributed by animated cartoons, which are included in the program. Its heroes – characters drawn and painted by child.

  • Each drawing done by a child, shows the result of its activities, which, in turn, generates an adequate
    self-esteem of the child, and allows you to be proud of his progress.

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