Children's books have changed,
haven't you noticed?

Modern book in conjunction with the tablet turns into a virtual teacher! In the game the child can hear right speech, performs logical assignment. By purchasing an electronic version of the book, you don't overpay for its production and delivery.
By activating the book with an account, you can easily print it on the printer as many times as you need. A book with augmented reality is the best gift for your child!

Better to see once than to hear hundred times!
Guidelines for parents on the use of the book
If your child is 3–4 years old
To learn animals with children of 3–4 years old a variety of books, cartoons can be used, but most useful
for the child are creation, crafts. Something that the child has made by himself, with his own hands, he would more likely remember.
Origami are useful for children. Danik would acquaint them with this kind of art, and children will be able
to evaluate and explore the possibilities of their hands and fingers, as well as make origami figures of various sizes and with his help to learn the concept of "big", "small", "medium". In addition, Origami gives
an opportunity to acquire skills such as hard work, patience and perseverance, which are very useful
for hyperactive children.
Improving and coordinating the movement of fingers and hands, origami effects on the overall intellectual development of child, including the development of speech.

  • To start with let the child choose crayons and animals which he wants to paint.

  • Talk with your child and tell him about the animals, their color, what they do.

  • Pick up a pack of construction paper and ask your child to choose an animal which he wants to do,
    and paper color.

  • Place your tablet or phone on Danik he will show how to fold the paper correctly. It would be better if you sit down with your child and repeat after Danik to do origami together.

  • If your child fails to fold the paper properly help him do it. In any case do not reproach the kid that he cannot do it right from the first time.

  • After having done origami, paint the page and animate the tablet.
If your child is 5 years old
Feasibility of origami is justified for two reasons: firstly, for preschool children it's characterized by the desire to create, as well as the desire for quick results; secondly, origami has enormous developmental effect.
5 year-old child is difficult to deal with the schemes, but your virtual teacher Danik will learn the basics
of origami, show and tell how to fold the paper correctly.

  • At the very beginning show the scheme to the child so that he could focus his attention on reading it.

  • Then, give your child a paper – it turns on tactile perception. By fingers he perceives the surface roughness, density, paper elasticity, takes attention to the color, to the fold.

  • The child has to make origami and paint the page of the book. Finished figure is not an exact copy
    of an animal or bird. But the child realizes that before him is a tiger, a giraffe, a mouse or other animal. Children often talk with paper figures, which they did themselves, play with them, invent stories. They learn not only to fold but also to invent.

  • Don't forget to praise the child, even if the first experience in the art of origami is not entirely successful.

If your child is 6 years old
Origami has a favorable effect on the development of attention and memory formation: children memorize terms, techniques and methods of folding, as needed reproduce the stored knowledge and skills. It is necessary to create conditions under which children can reach and find all necessary for the manufacture
of handicrafts. Creation of such environment encourages children to productive activities. They make figures with great pleasure (notably with the same interest make large and small squares, create varieties
of compositions, and so on).

  • Origami making is very useful for 6 year-old children, because they contribute to the development of fine motor skills, coordination of hand movements, spatial imagination. Turn on the tablet, or mobile phone and using the application show your child the scheme.

  • Patience is required for this type of activity. The child learns to follow the instructions and perform actions in sequence, generating a lot of thinking.

  • Propose your child to paint the page and revitalize the origami model in the book.

  • The names of the animals and birds are given in English, which contributes to the development
    of the child's memory, vocabulary.
The book contains a bonus "Cubes stories". It's a table game which is a bright addition to the edition,
it develops in children fine motor skills, attention to detail, creativity, memory, thinking. Learn by playing!
If your child is 7 years old
At this age, the book will be particularly useful. Together with the virtual teacher Danik children will discover basic geometric concepts: circle, square, triangle, angle, side, top and etc. To enrich child's glossary. Folding figures from paper trains fine motor skills of children of 7 years old. Develops mathematical ability, spatial reasoning, logic and the ability to seek solutions to complex problems. Origami has a calming effect, develops perseverance and ability to concentrate. Origami helps concentration, develops constructive thinking, the ability to combine, spatial thinking, feeling of forms, creative imagination, artistic taste, memory.

  • On each book page contains animals names in English which enhances child's vocabulary stock.

  • Painting of animals and birds will teach to feel and convey a harmonious combination of colors, and will help develop an aesthetic taste for children of 7 years old.

  • Danik will facilitate math lessons at school. During the game, the child will be interested and will easily remember basic terms.

  • On each page Danik will show how to fold paper figures of animals, and supervise each step of your child.
The book contains a bonus – "Cubes stories". It's a table game which is a bright addition to the edition,
it develops in children fine motor skills, attention to detail, creativity, memory, thinking. Learn by playing!
Origami for children
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