Children's books have changed,
haven't you noticed?

Modern book in conjunction with the tablet turns into a virtual teacher! In the game the child can hear right speech, performs logical assignment. By purchasing an electronic version of the book, you don't overpay for its production and delivery.
By activating the book with an account, you can easily print it on the printer as many times as you need. A book with augmented reality is the best gift for your child!

Better to see once than to hear hundred times!
Guidelines for parents on the use of the book
If your child is 3–4 years old
At this age, kids start to lively interest in the world around them. It is not surprising, because the children from the cradle absorb new knowledge, including those seeking to know the unknown. As early your child reach
3–4 years old you can hear a lot of questions about the sun, the moon and the stars. How to respond
to the child on the one hand, it was clear, and the other – to stimulate its further sustained interest to this theme? Competent answers to these questions know the virtual teacher Danik.

  • Danik will tell the child about the space and will present a correctly adapted information to the perception of the child in the form of a game, cutting the concepts to which the child hasn't already grown.
    For example, it explains that the Sun and planets are circular, that the planets move around the sun.

  • The child will be incredibly interested to examine each planet, coming to life in 3D-format on the tablet,
    and to learn the names of celestial bodies.

  • Your child will receive necessary basic knowledge about the solar system.
Space has so many interesting and exciting things, even for a 3-year-old kid!
If your child is 5 years old
At this age, the child's interest in the outside world increases repeatedly. He is facilitated by a variety
of stories, pictures, cartoons, which are now very popular and which your child hears and sees around.
Of course, he will be keen on spacecrafts, spaceships and other worlds because it's incredibly exciting
for crumbs actively perceiving the world.

  • Your child will plunge into the game, study the solar system under the guidance of a virtual teacher Danik.

  • The child will be able to select and colorize the spacecraft.

  • Danik would help the child to move the painted ship in 3D-format on the tablet.

  • The acquisition of new information has a wide effect because it is adapted to the perception
    of a 5-year old child and is presented in form of a game.
This book is a unique guide to the world of space, it involves the child, and the virtual teacher Danik helps him to remember a large number of necessary and useful information, as well as to fix it. In this is the uniqueness of the new training programs that the book underlies.
If your child is 6 years old
At this age, children absorb information at all levels: tactile and through the senses. Despite the fact that
in 6 years, children do not look like dopey kids, they want to see everything, hear and touch. At preschool age children are characterized by boundless thirst for new knowledge. If you won't stop it, but rather develop
and maintain with age the child will become a developed, harmonious and great personality.
That is why in preschool age, children should be given much information not only about what they see and can touch, but about what exists in the universe, to tell them about it's laws and various events. Your unfailing assistant – virtual teacher Danik will help you to pull off.

  • Using the book, the kid performs logical tasks, chooses and paints the space ship.

  • In a playful form Danik tells the child about space in general and about the structure of the solar system
    in particular.

  • Your child learns about the features of stars, planets and other celestial bodies, such as comets
    and meteorites.

  • The starship painted by the child revives in 3D format on the tablet – now you can go to travel to space
    on an interstellar ship to collect "crystals of knowledge".
Virtual Teacher Danik would help to develop intellect and erudition of your child!
If your child is 7 years old
At this age, children's behavior is controlled by cognitive motive. They are interested to learn about everything: animals of tropical countries, other cities and nations. Children always show a deep interest in the knowledge of the vast space around the Earth – space. Where to begin while getting acquainted with the cosmos, if you can talk endlessly about this subject? How to answer on child's questions that his interest was not lost
and further strengthened? Your virtual teacher Danik will handle this task in a playful way, but easy
to understand for child's perception, will explain, prompt and direct.
The theme of space will greatly expand child's horizons and enrich it with new knowledge about
the unknown.

  • Almost all children are prone to dream and invent their own worlds, so it is always interesting to learn about the existence of other planets other than Earth and about the secrets they hide. Danik will tell about the stars and all the planets of the solar system, and display them in 3D-format on the tablet.

  • Your child will learn a lot about the Sun and the Earth, their size and characteristics, will get acquainted with other celestial bodies, such as comets and meteorites.

  • On the pages of the book logical tasks and themed coloring are waiting for the child. The child will be able to select and colorize the spaceship and then revive it on the tablet and go to space travel in order
    to collect the "crystals of knowledge".
Give your child an opportunity to explore the solar system with a virtual teacher! After all, nothing is more effective than the assimilation of new information in form of a training game.
Solar system
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