Children's books have changed,
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Modern book in conjunction with the tablet turns into a virtual teacher! In the game the child can hear right speech, performs logical assignment. By purchasing an electronic version of the book, you don't overpay for its production and delivery.
By activating the book with an account, you can easily print it on the printer as many times as you need. A book with augmented reality is the best gift for your child!

Guidelines for parents on the use of the book
If your child is 3–4 years old
Music – is a very special, non-irreplaceable way of knowing the emotionally shades-sensuous state of man, his feelings, moods. It is a tool for both understanding and development of beauty. Not for nothing in the infancy kids respond emotionally to music, feel its mood and react accordingly, for example, on the upbeat dance tune melody or mother's lullaby. By 3–4 years old of your baby should:

  • distinguish contrasting mood of the music;

  • learns to understand it;

  • can not be distracted by listening to music from start to finish.
At this age, the child begins to accumulate, although small, but music listening experience, with musical preferences on music and the listening culture. Develops perception of differentiation: children isolated individual means of expression (tempo, dynamics, registers), begin to distinguish the elementary genres (march, dance tune, lullaby). Experts say that musicality in children should be developed as early as possible. And the science tells us that music stimulates brain activity. Catching music from early school age children receive a strong impetus to the intellectual development and, of course, develop hearing and the sense of harmony, which subsequently affect all areas of their lives. Of course, settle on a baby with notes and musical instruments does not make sense – because on that way you will only discourage his beginning interest and taste for music. It is much easier to teach a baby in game, especially our entertaining and educational literature with a virtual teacher Danik will help you in this.

  • Download the program to the tablet to activate the book with augmented reality and virtual teacher Danik.

  • Place your tablet to the page of the book with any children's songs and you will activate your faithful assistant Danik and virtual piano on the tablet.

  • To ease the reading of notes they are changed to numerals. Gradually, the child will learn to strum and sing favorite tunes, and later will be able to learn the musical notation.

  • It's known that in early childhood kids literally seize all on the fly. That is why the book has children's songs in different languages. Even at this age, your child will learn foreign languages.
This book is unique not only for its content – teaching methods, based on augmented reality technology, but also for an opportunity to engage with the child as he matures, gradually complicating the task. And who knows, perhaps your child one day would conquer a world musical Olympus.
If your child is 5 years old
Music plays an important role in a child's life. It has a strong influence on the thoughts and feelings, makes adjustments to the emotional state, causing a variety extravaganza emotional impulses, memories, sadness, joy. Creative music lessons allow the child to discover his talents, abilities, broaden their horizons.

  • At the age of 5 years old your child already knows how to carefully listen to the music. During the lessons he learns to listen to specific music, analyze it, understand what feelings it cause (like it – do not like).

  • It has positive effect on memory, diction, public speaking abilities. The child learns to sing, listen to songs, and sing along.

  • In the process of training your child learns information about the varieties of instruments, their music genre. And, of course, discovers the secrets of musical skills by playing the fortepiano.
Place your tablet on a book page with your favorite notes and the words and you will activate the virtual teacher. The book is interesting in that the basis of the author's technique of child's creative potential disclosure lays notes replacing (difficult to understand for children of 5 years old) on numbers.

  • By using the book, a kid sings his favorite songs not only in his native language, but also in different languages of the world.

  • By using the unique method your child will get acquainted with notes (and perhaps even learn them) at such an early age. This will give a sharp jump in the development of children's intelligence.

  • Danik will hold an interesting journey through the world of music, which will contribute to the development of musical abilities of your child.
If your child is 6 years old
Music contributes to a holistic development of the child's personality. Music has a very positive effect on central nervous system, contributing to the development of artistic thinking and sense of beauty. In 6 years, the child is able to perceive music lessons like "grown-up". He already knows how to:

  • recognize musical instruments;

  • distinguish keyboards, strings and wind instruments;

  • sing songs to the music and dance.
At this age, the child already knows the names of many musical instruments and has an idea of where and how to play them. Create and produce noise – an urgent need for six-year children. Right now it's very important to channel his energy into something productive by developing aesthetic identity through music and music lessons. The irreplaceable virtual teacher Danik will help to manage this task. To activate the virtual teacher, just move the tablet to favorite songs. The book is interesting in that the basis of the author's technique of opening the creative potential of the child laid replacement of difficult (for children of 6 years old) notes by numbers.

  • By using the book, the kid sings his favorite songs not only in his native language, but also in the different languages of the world.

  • Your child with the help of modern techniques will get acquainted with notes, which are numbered what would largely facilitate learning and memorization.

  • With the help of a faithful assistant Danik your child will play independently popular children's songs on the virtual piano on the tablet.

  • Danik will make a journey through the world of music, which will contribute to the development of musical abilities of your child.
If your child is 7 years old
Almost all little children want to play a musical instrument, but soon realize that the music – it's hard work. It often happens that the first lessons of a child in music school ends with tears (especially if parents have rushed and gave the child to school too early), and the purchase of music instrument by parents is a useless idea.
Thanks to the author's method in the book "Piano" – notes are replaced by numbers – the child will be able to figure the score and start to learn the basics of solfeggio. Virtual music teacher Danik will help in this.

  • Thanks to the play on a virtual piano with Danik a 7-year-old child is accustomed to the complicated rhythms, to fix of the slightest differences between sounds. He begins to distinguish not only "loud-quiet" but to capture the difference in half-tone. It develops the hearing. What a child does while playing an instrument on the notes? He looks at the various signs, determining which one is below, and which – above and relates these characters with the keys. At the same time he also has to look at notes, to coordinate their hands and everything else – to hear what he gets.

  • Very ordinary skill for any musician – reading from a music sheet – teaches to very multi-piece and complex activities. Because of the author's technique your child will be able to gradually master the musical notation. The ability to read music sheet has a direct impact on the overall development of the child. These skills are great help during the development of the exact sciences, where it's to compare and contrast, relate signs and physical phenomena, and so on.

  • The need to make as more precise movements of hands as possible can be gradually and steadily improves spatial reasoning. After all, to play the desired melody, you need to quickly find the only right place for hands. But that's not all. By learning to read music, the child keeps not a single line in the head, but the whole music sheet, learns to select and relate to a particular entity. This, among other things is one of the best ways to learn to read quickly, grasping the most important thing, and develop memory.

  • Long known fact: the more developed musical ear, the better a person copes with the study of foreign languages. Phrases and sentences, commas and periods, questions and exclamations exist in music and speech. On each page of the book are posted scores of well-known children's songs in different languages. Danik helps not only to instill to love music, but also to learn the famous songs in original language. Besides playing and singing children speak and write better, easier memorize foreign words and easier learn grammar.
After having studyed with Danik it is possible that your child would determinate a hobby and would like to continue music lessons. Support the child in his choice, and contribute to the development of talent!
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