Your child will always
be dressed up for a walk with pleasure, even if he was previously capricious – because now he by himself would
be able to find out the information about the weather: whether it would be cold
or warm today
The poster contains all the basic information about the solar system, and a nice bonus – a virtual thermometer which measures the temperature outside. You can download for free the program from the App Store or Google Play and install
it on your child phone or tablet. After pointing
a gadget on the poster the outside temperature
is displayed on the screen corresponding to.
So your child will be able to check the weather daily. It does not matter if he does not know the figures – the temperature is duplicated not only in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit, and is displayed in form
of images, which correspond to those or other natural phenomena. This feature requires
a connection to WI-FI.
The full poster size IS 840x600 mm (A1 format, folded A3).

It's simple! Press the bottom «PLAY». Place your phone or tablet on the cartoon character Danik.
Download now!
on App Store and Google Play.

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