Thanks to augmented reality images come to life, virtual cartoon character Danik teaches the child by game, and an educational game on the tablet to consolidate the material at the end
of the book waits for your child.
Direct delivery of publications from warehouses in Russia, Ukraine, EU, America.
The content of publications is fully translated and adapted for Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Spanish, German, French, Polish and American markets.
For a child who cannot read yet, the virtual teacher becomes
a true friend!
Books represent a new generation of teaching guide from the series "Virtual Teacher". Parents immerse the child in the gameplay in real and virtual worlds at the same time. In the real world the kid performs logical tasks, paints the page by pencils. Then moves the tablet or phone on the page with performed exercises – and the virtual teacher appears on the screen – cartoon character Danik. He speaks in your native language, explains tasks, sings songs, jokes and, most importantly, checks the correctness of the tasks.
It is easy to sell
One edition covers different categories of goods: children's book, set for creativity and electronic educational games, partwork. Books are ideal for sale in online store, where it is possible to put video of the product with annotation.
«5 out of 10 clients who came to buy educational books had chosen the edition of the series "Virtual Teacher"» –
exception from the research conclusion for publishing house "Danyuk" in Russian segment of the training educational for children.
Theme of books is set by TOP web search query of the selected category: married men
and women of 22–35 years. Books assortment is constantly updated.
We offer five variants of cooperation:
Sale of franchising of exclusive expansion (country, region, city).
Sale of physical copies of books in bulk under the supply and realization agreement.
Work with online shops.
Commission payment to the client for selling books through our online store according
to the request from your blog or website by referral link.
Selling of digital content or application activation code with a virtual teacher for the App Store and Google Play with subsequent independent print publication.
Editorial bodies and publishing house - introduction of virtual learning modules to the existing children's magazines and books. Joint development of new projects.
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