Children's books have changed,
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Modern book in conjunction with the tablet turns into a virtual teacher! In the game the child can hear right speech, performs logical assignment. By purchasing an electronic version of the book, you don't overpay for its production and delivery.
By activating the book with an account, you can easily print it on the printer as many times as you need. A book with augmented reality is the best gift for your child!
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Guidelines for parents on the use of the book
If your child is 3–4 years old
In the age of 3 a child become confident in his abilities, is able to overcome the fear, shows ingenuity, perseverance. He can get an aesthetic pleasure caused by a beautiful thing, painting, flowers, or music.
In the age of 3 a child can already distinguish 8 colors: white, black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Many children at this age can distinguish next colors – pink, blue, lilac.

  • Start by simple, show pencils to your child, offer a choice to paint cars or a bus. Pencils should differ
    by contrasting colors: red and green, yellow and blue. While do coloring prompt and specify the details
    (for example: the wheels of the car are black and the flasher – blue and red, etc.).

  • Relive the drawing by tablet, do not rush to go directly to the game – let your child see what he got (rotate the tablet, using different camera angles).

  • After entering the game, in the beginning it would be hard for the child to control the machines, but he would be happy to look a cartoon in which cars are moving around the city. At the same time press
    the "key" (starts the car) and the key "A" (automatic movement). The key "N" transfers to different
    vehicles – set it up and go to travel around the city.

  • Pay child's attention to the key "R" – it is necessary for bouncing effect of the car. It helps to overcome
    or bypass obstacles. Emphasize to the child that a painted car moves faster.

  • In the future, the child would play this game alone. Ganging up the car on the sheriff's stars in the game would activate the card with letters name and words with audio, immersing the child in the language environment. Over time, the child will learn to manage his own toy cars.
Danik becomes a real friend to the child, because he explains what to do on a particular page of the book.
If your child is 5 years old
  • In 5 years, finally form basic character traits. Right now the child is open to new knowledge and skills. Physical and mental skills are equally easy given.

  • The child easily copes with simple logic tasks. Such tasks are represented in the book page. 5 and 7,
    in addition, it contains a fascinating game the meaning of which is to connect the points of the English alphabet.

  • First, the child would remember what arrows and numbers are and then will consolidate this knowledge using the tablet, combining the figures by arrows and receiving letters. Memorizing the sequence
    of motion and writing of letters would prepare the child to develop writing skills.

  • The child paints cars on his own, and moves them into the city, riding on them and collect sheriff's stars,
    at the same time learning the pronunciation and memorizing new words.
Danik teaches literate speech, he rightly puts the emphasis in the words, operates with simple short sentences. Each page of the book involves the child in the developing world and an awesome game. Improving life skills, he "reads" the book while playing on the tablet. If your baby spends a lot of time with
the tablet, you can use the virtual teacher to show that the tablet and the book are equivalent items.
If your child is 6 years old
6 years – it's a boundary between the carefree life of a preschooler and school life, which already requires some organization and responsibility. At this particular time occurs a leap in the development of the child:
he gets the psychological basis, which allows him to move to a new stage of life – from involuntary
to voluntary behavior.

  • The book allows the child to clearly identify and understand the dependence: if you want to play – paint the machine on which you will ride as a police officer.

  • Involvement into the game comes from the p. 3, where Danik gives the task and explains the rules
    of the game.

  • At this age the child will write his first letters of the English alphabet in the recipe (p. 9–21), preliminary having trained with a virtual teacher on the tablet.
The child will learn 79 basic words in English and will learn the pronunciation audio in the game would develop to form a correct speech.
If your child is 7 years old
In 7 years, with rare exception, children get older and they are ready to start a new life – a school life. However school – is in any case a stress. Everything that a child has learned in seven years of his life is very useful now. It is good, when what he learns in school, was already passed previously. It does not scare him,
it improves perception and promotes learning. Foreign languages are especially difficult in the beginning
for children.

While playing and being guided by the book, the child would learn through musical arrangement:

  • sequence of letters of the English alphabet;

  • English sounds and letters;

  • basic English words.
Also, it would prepare his hand to write in cursive, having trained with a virtual teacher, revive painted heroes, and carry them into the virtual world. Through game, the child will solidify his knowledge.
Learn the alphabet. A virtual teacher. Danik
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